At Cognivo, we enable small and medium size investment management firms get unparalleled value out of their data

Cognivo’s corporate mission is to partner with small to midsize investment management firms to leverage data to grow their business.

We combine our deep investment management firm domain knowledge, with our proprietary research, software and tools to transform our client’s data into actionable insights to maximize alpha and minimize risk. We do this via data cleansing, aggregating, management, reporting, visualization, and analytics.

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Title Hyphen   Why Investment Managers Choose Cognivo?


We bring an unparalleled combination of functional expertise and specialized knowledge of the investment management industry to all of our clients. Our combination of deep technology expertise and our extensive domain knowledge of the capital markets and investment management operations is unique to Cognivo.

Deep Domain Knowledge


Experience working on both the buy and sell side of capital markets.

Experience Developing Financial Technology


Implementing customized software and data solutions for a wide range of firms.

US Based Operations


We speak your language and understand your work culture.

Recognized As ⁠—

In 2020, Hedge Fund Magazine awarded us as the “best of the best” in. . .

Title Hyphen   What We Do


Develop Investment Manager’s Data Aggregation & Data Management Capabilities

We help investment managers develop a robust, long-term data-driven strategy.

We realize that most successful investment managers are often inundated with data from multiple sources and in multiple formats. We work with investment managers to help them better manage and analyze their data in a robust manner. This allows our clients to make more confident, profitable investment decisions based on timely, accurate, and reliable data.

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Enhance Investment Management Data Analytics, Data Visualization & Reporting Capabilities

We help investment managers enhance their current data analytics, visualization, and reporting capabilities.

We work with investment managers to design, develop, test, and deploy tailored reports across the front, middle, and back-office.

We have experience in automating report generation for the following business functions Investment Team Investor, Regulatory and compliance, and Accounting and tax.

Automate Investment Manager’s Middle & Back Office Operations

We help investment managers achieve enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy, and higher employee satisfaction through process automation.

We work with fund CIOs, COOs, and CFOs to identify manual tasks, that, when automated, would provide a high rate of return in terms of the task being done, faster and more accurately, without manual intervention.

When correctly identified and re-engineered, automation of manual tasks can save hours of time for key investment manager’s team members, while simultaneously reducing the fund’s operational risk. These team members can then focus on performing more meaningful work, leading to higher job satisfaction.

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Enhance Investment Manager’s Investment Process & Research

We bring proven, state-of-the-art technological innovations to help investment managers maximize their alpha.

We work with successful investment managers of various types and sizes to develop new as well as enhance and re-engineer the current investment process and research.

This includes Investment Process, Strategies & Research, Portfolio Management & Risk Management Systems, and Legacy Microsoft Excel/Access/VBA Macros.

Title Hyphen   Our Guiding Principles


Our primary goal is to deliver exceptional value for our clients every single day. These three leading principles help us stay true to this primary goal.

Client Success

Our client’s success is our main goal, and we take pride in it.

Open Flow of Ideas

We believe in open flow of ideas and thoughts within Cognivo and with our clients.

Seamless Technology

We stay on top of the latest technology trends to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

Title Hyphen  How Cognivo Centralized Data for a Leading Investment Manager
Providing a Single Source of Truth


The investment manager grew from $350 million in AUM to over $900 million AUM over a three-year period. The investment manager was heavily reliant on Microsoft Excel to store massive amounts of data, resulting in data architecture and infrastructure that did not keep pace with the dynamic changes and growth of the fund.

The investment manager was heavily reliant on Microsoft Excel to store huge amounts of data – from the front office, third parties, and internal systems. The data included data sets related to portfolio, trades, cash, counterparties, collateral, accounting, and investor performance data. This data was then being used for analysis, summarization, as well as reporting purposes. Due to the fast-paced nature of the industry, the firm kept making incremental updates to the current system over the three-year period.

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