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We help investment management firms achieve enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy, and higher employee satisfaction through process automation.

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Title Hyphen  Operations Automation Solutions


We help investment managers achieve enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy, and higher employee satisfaction through process automation.

Based on our experience, one of the characteristics of successful investment managers is the implementation of automation of manual tasks and processes across the front, middle, and back-office.

We work with fund CIOs, COOs, and CFOs to identify manual tasks, that, when automated, would provide a high rate of return in terms of the task being done, faster and more accurately, without manual intervention. When correctly identified and re-engineered, automation of manual tasks can save hours of time for key investment manager’s team members, while simultaneously reducing the fund’s operational risk.

These team members can then focus on performing more meaningful work, leading to higher job satisfaction.

Some examples of process automation within investment management include:


Settlement of internal fund data with counterparties such as custodians and prime brokers. This includes, positions, trades, corporate actions, and other activity. The reconciliation is performed on equities, derivatives, futures, FX, and other liquid and non-liquid assets on price, quantity as well as other attributes.

Cash Forecasting

Fund and investor level estimation of cash at hand, including what-if scenarios.


Retrieval and comparison of data in multiple formats and from diverse internal systems, and network drives to look for analogies and inconsistencies. These reconciliation checks can trigger alerts for the research, and operations team to further investigate the issue before the report is presented to the investment team, investor and other stakeholders.

Automation of Fund Administration

Process automation can be incorporated within day-day-day fund administration tasks like filling of compliance, regulatory and tax forms

Subscription & Redemptions

The investor subscription and redemption requests can be standardized and automatically processed via a web interface.

Investor Onboarding

Fund managers and the investor relations team can standardize and automate the investor onboarding process, including due-diligence, and other critical onboarding functions.