What We Do


We bring an unparalleled combination of functional software engineering expertise and specialized knowledge of the asset management fund industry to build custom software and data systems for our asset management clients.

Title Hyphen     Highlights of Our Typical Bespoke Software & Data Engineering Undertakings


Our team of software engineers, data scientists, and UI designers use methods refined through thousands of hours of collaboration with asset managers all over the United States.

Develop Asset Manager’s Data Aggregation & Data Management Capabilities

Enhance Asset Manager’s Data Analytics, Data Visualization & Reporting Capabilities

Automate Asset Manager’s Middle & Back Office Operations

Enhance Asset Manager’s Investment Process & Research

We help asset managers develop a robust, long-term data-driven strategy.

We realize that most successful asset managers are often inundated with data from multiple sources and in multiple formats. We work with asset managers to help them better manage and analyze their data in a robust manner. This allows our clients to make more confident, profitable investment decisions based on timely, accurate, and reliable data.

Cognivo Bespoke Data Aggregation & Management (CBDAM) Solution

Our goal is simple – we help asset managers develop a robust, long-term data-driven culture and strategy. This allows our clients to make more confident, profitable investment decisions based on timely, accurate, and reliable data.

After working with a multitude of asset managers over the years, we have developed a proprietary two-step process to extract, clean, and aggregate data stored in multiple formats, and from multiple sources, within the firm.

Overview of Our Proprietary Bespoke Solution

We have developed a privately-owned solution, which includes a proprietary process, internal documents and checklists, internal software, and tools. These were developed to ensure that this solution is executed successfully for each unique asset manager that we work with.

Step 1

Inventory of Current Data, It’s Sources & Usage Across the Fund (2-3 Weeks to implement). We start by having an initial meeting with your internal team.

During this confidential session, which typically takes about two hours:


We discuss and understand your current data strategy


Take an inventory of the current data assets, sources (both structured and unstructured data), and what systems, processes and reports use the available data.


In addition, we also take inventory of the technology and software infrastructure being utilized to manage and analyze data.

Once the initial session is complete, we typically take about 2-3 weeks to work with your internal teams and perform a complete assessment of your current data strategy, including your data assets, sources and the usage of your data. Once the assessment is complete, we set up a second meeting with your team to present the results of our findings. In this meeting, we explain the best possible technical solution for extracting, cleaning, normalizing, and aggregating your fund data. This solution is customized to your fund’s investment process, operational setups and infrastructure, as well as future fund growth plans.

Step 2

Data Aggregation, Centralization & Management of Internal Data (4-6 Weeks to Implement).

In this step, we work with asset managers to extract data from various internal sources including; (1) Microsoft Excel workbooks, (2) PDF files, (3) CSV files, (4) XML files, (5) Emails (including attachments), (6) FTP servers, (7) APIs besides other data sources.

Data extracted from all of these sources is then aggregated into a central data warehouse that is designed to store this data in a highly structured and relational manner. We work with asset managers to import and backfill their current data into this new relational data warehouse, which is then utilized to generate various reports and analysis required for the asset manager’s day to day operations.

Cognivo Outsourced Chief Data Officer (OCDO) Solution

At Cognivo, we have the ability to act as the outsourced Chief Data Officer (CDO) to asset managers. Our data scientists answer all internal data related questions from the investment team, operations team, portfolio and reporting team, accounting team, and other internal teams. We also work with third parties on the asset manager’s behalf to ensure that any new data being incorporated into the firm is in line with the broader vision of the Chief Investment Officer and the current database design and
data models.

Our experts are available via phone, video, and on-site. We provide this service to select clients on an on-demand (hourly) and monthly basis.

Title Hyphen   Enhance Asset Manager’s Data Analytics, Data Visualization & Reporting Capabilities


We help asset managers enhance their current data analytics, visualization, and reporting capabilities. We work with asset managers to design, develop, test and deploy tailored reports across the front, middle and back office. We have the expertise and experience to automate reports that involve multiple manual steps, multiple data sources and multiple team members. We also have the ability to extract data from multiple systems, network drives and aggregate it for analysis and reporting.

We have experience in automating report generation for the following business functions; (1) Investment Team, (2) Investor, (3) Regulatory and compliance, and (4) Accounting and tax. These reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, or as needed, and be delivered automatically to the internal teams or specific managers and partners.

Our team of specialists focus on producing accurate, timely reports, by adding reconciliation and other error checks, including NAV errors, which are usually caused by corporate actions, duplicate trades, etc., at various stages of the report generation process. Some of the reports we help automate include:

1. Investement Team Reporting

On demand reports and advanced analytics, including interactive charts and drilldowns, for the investment management team, portfolio team, risk management team, accounting team, tax
reporting team.

2. Investor Reporting

We automate the generation of on-demand reports and analysis via an internal portal to answer critical investor questions during the month and before the fund administration reports are available.

3. Accounting & Tax Reporting

We help asset managers generate tax forms required for limited partnerships (LPs), including form Schedule K-1.

4. Regulatory & Compliance Reporting

Fully automated generation of GIPS compliant regulatory reports required by SEC, CFTC, including, PF-13.

Title Hyphen   Automate Asset Manager’s Middle & Back Office Operations


We help asset managers achieve enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy, and higher employee satisfaction through process automation.

Based on our experience, one of the characteristics of successful asset managers is the implementation of automation of manual tasks and processes across the front, middle, and back-office.

We work with fund CIOs, COOs, and CFOs to identify manual tasks, that, when automated, would provide a high rate of return in terms of the task being done, faster and more accurately, without manual intervention. When correctly identified and re-engineered, automation of manual tasks can save hours of time for key asset manager’s team members, while simultaneously reducing the fund’s operational risk.

These team members can then focus on performing more meaningful work, leading to higher job satisfaction.

Some examples of process automation within asset management include:


Settlement of internal fund data with counterparties such as custodians and prime brokers. This includes, positions, trades, corporate actions, and other activity. The reconciliation is performed on equities, derivatives, futures, FX, and other liquid and non-liquid assets on price, quantity as well as other attributes.

Cash Forecasting

Fund and investor level estimation of cash at hand, including what-if scenarios.


Retrieval and comparison of data in multiple formats and from diverse internal systems, and network drives to look for analogies and inconsistencies. These reconciliation checks can trigger alerts for the research, and operations team to further investigate the issue before the report is presented to the investment team, investor and other stakeholders.

Automation of Fund Administration

Process automation can be incorporated within day-day-day fund administration tasks like filling of compliance, regulatory and tax forms

Subscription & Redemptions

The investor subscription and redemption requests can be standardized and automatically processed via a web interface.

Investor Onboarding

Fund managers and the investor relations team can standardize and automate the investor onboarding process, including due-diligence, and other critical onboarding functions.

Title Hyphen     Enhance Asset Manager’s Investment Process & Research


We bring proven, state-of-the-art technological innovations to asset managers that help maximize their alpha.

We work with successful asset managers of various types and sizes to develop new as well as enhance and re-engineer the current investment process and research.

This includes, (A) Investment Process, Strategies & Research, (B) Portfolio Management & Risk Management Systems, and (C) Legacy Microsoft Excel/Access/VBA Macros.

A. Investment Process, Strategies & Research

Our team of technologists work directly with asset managers and their teams to construct, validate, back-test, and incorporate financial models into their current and new proprietary investment strategies. We have experience in developing highly complex pricing and risk models for all major asset classes, including equities, commodities, fixed income, credit derivatives, and FX. We specialize in multi-asset and multi-currency portfolios.

We have broad experience in using the latest statistical programming languages like Python and R, plus toolkits to analyze large, complex datasets.

B. Portfolio Management & Risk Management Systems

Our team of experienced software and data engineers, along with data scientists will develop, enhance or re-engineer your proprietary portfolio management and risk management systems. Some typical enhancements include:

(1) Real time P&L, NAV, VAR view by portfolio, baskets, sectors, asset class, geography, and other attributes. (2) Support for multi-asset (equities, commodities, and FX), and multi-currency portfolios. (3) Support for all three VAR calculations, including Historical method, Variance-Covariance method, and Monte Carlo simulation. (4) Flexible what-if scenario calculations and analysis. (5) Support for desktop, email, SMS, and other types of alerts. (6) Seamless, one-click report generation and distribution to predefine decision makers. (7) Integration with a multitude of broker-dealer trading APIs, market data sources, and charting APIs. (8) Seamless integration with industry leading middle and back office systems.

C. Legacy Microsoft Excel/Access/VBA Macros

At Cognivo, we work with successful asset managers that are outgrowing their current front, middle and back-office systems. We have extensive experience in migrating legacy systems, often based on Microsoft Excel/ Access/VBA, into more robust, faster, reliable, and scalable systems using the latest programming languages, APIs, and cloud (Microsoft Azure) technologies.

We have broad experience in using statistical programming languages (Python, R) and toolkits to analyze large, complex datasets. We have technical expertise in optimizing data collection, database design, data mining, data modeling, and data analysis.

Our financial technology specialists work in small, agile teams, applying our unique blend of lean startup methodology and agile development principles. This allows us to deliver high throughput, low latency, and highly scalable technology solutions, tailored to the asset manager’s exact needs.